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It's as if my whole life, everything I've been through, learned, gathered, and overcome, has led me here, to this work. I've been passionate about motherhood since I was a little girl, and that passion only grew as I got older. From my own healing & health journey, to my motherhood journey, I truly believe in full-spectrum, back to our roots, mind / body / soul care & connection. I believe that the mainstream systems in place are terribly broken, and it's all asking us to come back home. There is no better way to make a positive impact in the world than by birthing & raising babies in an informed, intentional & empowered way. So that's my goal here - to empower you. To bring you back home to yourself, because your power is your greatest tool. 

With my background in psychology, transpersonal coaching, a variety of somatic healing modalities, as well as the abundance of resources, experience, personal knowledge & skills I have come to acquire over the course of my life thus far - our time together is entirely curated to your specific needs, with truly limitless possibilities. 

If you're looking for a mom friend, a sister, and a mentor who will hold your hand through the wild ride of motherhood, I'm your gal. This is the kind of support & community that will last a lifetime. I want to be a part of your village. Scroll down to see what offerings might resonate with you, and please reach out with any questions or other ways I may be able to support you.

You don't have to do it alone, mama.

You know what's best for you & your baby. It's time to trust that.

I believe women were made for this.

My birthkeeping approach

Supporting new (or seasoned) parents in becoming more in tune with themselves & their kid(s), so that they can parent from a place of intention & deeper understanding. We can discuss different topics within parenting, catered to where you may be struggling, need more support, or just want to learn more (sleep, language, breastfeeding, etc).

Conscious Parenting

Supporting women who have just gone through the portal from maiden to mother. A space for help with breastfeeding, processing birth experience, stepping into motherhood, anxieties, struggles, etc. A mix of holding space, offering guidance, and empowering you as you embrace this new chapter you've just begun.

Postpartum Support

Supporting moms-to-be in tapping into their intuition, gathering resources, and feeling confident as they head into the birth portal. We will drop in about your birth vision, chat about your fears, connect you to resources, and help build your confidence going into birth. 

Birth Prepartion


One 90-minute session — $250
Three 90-minute sessions — $600
Five 90-minute sessions — $1000
** payment plans available **

I want to work with you!

A curated 4-hour ceremony supporting a mom-to-be as she heads into the birth portal. These are customized based on each woman, and their wants, needs & dreams. They can include guided meditation, belly painting, sharing circle, prayer flag making, anointing oil creating, etc. You are encouraged to invite 5-10 of your closest friends to attend, pray over you & send you off into birth feeling abundantly supported. 

Mother's Blessing

Full-spectrum, sister-like, doula support. This option is entirely customizable based on how much support you’re desiring. I attend your birth as a support person, holding space for your transformation & offering myself up in whatever way(s) I’m needed. This can also include virtual or in-person preparation sessions, before & after the birth. I meet you where you’re at & hold your hand the whole way through, however you need. I am only taking 2-3 of these per year. Photography can be added as an option for this package as well!

Homebirth Support

In-person Support

Pricing Varies // Starting at $1200
** payment plans available **


I want to work with you!

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Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm so happy you're here & hope to work with you to bring your vision to life, and/or support you on your motherhood journey. These are your most intimate, special memories -- you deserve to have them documented & held in the highest honor.

Nice to meet you!